Monday, August 15, 2016

As The World Turns ...

As The World Turns ...
My mom used to watch soap opera's every day, Monday through Friday.
While we kids were at school, she would rush in the morning to get all her house work done,
so that she could sit down at noon and watch her soaps. 
She watched As the World Turns, and the Guiding Light.
Mom knew those characters like the back of her hand,
 she knew their names, and who was dating who,
 who was having babies, who was cheating and who had died.
The funny thing is, she always had time to get the house cleaned,
 and we always had a delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner.  

The reason I bring this up is because I swear try as I might, 
I am really bad at getting everything done like she did.  
Now don't get me wrong, I'm a clean person, but I don't think I'm as particular as my mom was.
I felt very accomplished today when I was able to get my sheets washed, dried and back on the bed before noon.
I also made a fresh homemade blueberry cobbler, and it smells delicious.
Then feeling another short burst of energy I decided to use up some of the fresh veggies and I threw together a homemade, from scratch, no recipe at all, chicken tortilla soup.
  It came together nicely with chicken breast, fire roasted tomatoes, sweet maui onion, yellow and orange bell peppers, a fresh serrano chili, fresh corn cut off the cob, fresh lime juice, corn tortillas, and a can of black beans.
  It will be topped with cilantro, tortilla chips and grated cheddar jack.
For me ... that's a lot in one morning.
Now I'm perusing You Tube and checking out some video's for hand stamping greeting cards.
That's one of my favorite past times, no soap operas for me, just give me some ink and paper and I'm a happy girl.
I truly never thought I would craft again after Brian died, in fact I gave away all of my crafting supplies.
Now here I am totally in love with stamping.
I have accumulated a nice little collection of stamping supplies,
 and though I don't do it every day, it is becoming a favorite hobby.

I always thought I'd grow up and be just like my mama.
I'm not ... but I strive to do things like her.
I love cooking ... and I believe I have picked up much of her way of cooking.
I think I'm a good mom just as she was, she'd be proud of me.
Crafting was not her thing, though she could sew a bit and crochet.
To me my mom was perfect,
a perfect wife to my dad,
a perfect mom to her 3 daughters ...
a spectacular memere to her grand kids,
and as the world turns,
she proved that you can do just about anything,
if you have a bit of energy to just get started.
Thanks for all the lessons you taught me without even planning on it mom.
I miss you!

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  1. Love the page. Glad you're "back" so to speak. My mom did the same. In the summer we'd help of course and then shoo us outside while she relaxed with "her soaps". What a great page and you always did rock the journaling.