Thursday, December 1, 2016

Some Days Are Sad ...

Some days are sad!
Today after 15-1/2 years we said our final Goodbyes to our pup Raisin.
Morgan, Patrick and I are heart broken!
She was a good dog!
We got her from a breeder in Georgia because Morgan had a Dachshund named Winnie that ended up staying with my mom when Morgan and I married Brian.
She was sad and missed her dog, and even though Brian had Gwillem it wasn't the same.
Morgan needed her own dog.
Enter Rum Raisin Cream Pie or Raisin for short.
She was a beautiful cream colored dog with rum colored heart shapes on her back.
She was quiet once she got to know you, but she would bark and bark until she felt comfortable.
Raisin never learned any real tricks, but gosh she could give paws like no other dog.
She didn't sit, but she begged a lot (that was untrained of course), she loved human food.
She loved to roll in the grass on a warm sunny day, and after we moved to California she liked to lay on the hot cement patio.
She was the best dog for our family.
We will miss her so very much and I cannot even imagine not having her greet us at the door.
I know she's with lots of good dogs in Heaven and people who love her greeted her there,
but our hearts will be missing her for the rest of our lives.
We loved you Raisin and we hope that we made you as happy as you made us.
We will think of you often and smile.
One this is for sure our precious girl, you have left little tiny paw prints all over our hearts.



  1. Hugs and prayers again, and I know you scrapped Raisin so you have good memories and you had her a really long time.

    1. I'm sure I have many of photos that I scrapped of Raisin, they are all packed up and in storage right now though, no room in this small condo for all those books and pages.