Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Fall is Coming

I love Fall!
I really miss my Fall days back east as we don't really get them where I live in Southern California, yes some of the trees turn colors (much later in the season than the East Coast), we can purchase delicious apples at the Farmers Markets, but it's not the same.  There are no cool mornings with the smell of cold dew on the leaves that have fallen, smoke in the air from fireplaces warming homes, and wool sweaters and socks to keep us warm.

I'm sitting in my living room right now, with the sun shining brightly through the windows here at home.  The sliders and windows are all open to let in the fresh air and my fans are all on while I am wearing shorts and a t-shirt.
Certainly none of that brings to mind a cool Fall day.
I am home a lot during the days, taking care of my pups and paper crafting when the mood hits.  I also watch a lot of You Tube video's in search of inspiration of many kinds, card making ideas, cooking, knitting and crocheting and just daily vlogs from some of my favorite you-tubers. 
I especially love cooking vlogs and meal plans.
One of my favorite You-Tubers is a lady by the name of Shelby.  
Her You Tube channel is called "The Queen's Cabinet".
She lives in Cooperstown, NY and she and her husband are building an amazing property around their home that when finished will be complete with an apple orchard, a trout pond and a huge garden for the kitchen.  I cannot wait for them to post pictures when it is all done.
Here is one of the recipes she cooked recently, it looked and sounded so delicious, I'm definitely going to try it soon, maybe you would like to try it too, and Yes I think it will make a wonderful Fall dinner for your table.
Here you go, enjoy!

Creamy Pesto Chicken

1 Tablespoon Olive Oil
10 Skinless Chicken Thighs
Salt and Pepper to taste
2 Tablespoons Chopped Sun Dried Tomatoes in Oil
3 Tablespoons Pesto
2 cups Heavy Cream
5 Ounces Baby Spinach
12 Ounces cooked Penne Pasta
Parmesan Cheese for Garnish

Saute chicken thighs in oil until cooked through.
Season with salt and pepper.
Add Sun Dried Tomatoes, pesto, heavy cream and spinach and simmer for 20 minutes.
Remove Chicken Thighs and stir cooked pasta in to cream sauce.
Serve to individual plates and top with 2 chicken thighs per portion,
Sprinkle with Parmesan Cheese.

*Note Shelby recommends using bone in Chicken thighs for the extra flavor, however I do not like meat on the bone, so I will be trying this recipe with boneless, skinless thighs.

That's it, a recipe that appears pretty easy and sounds amazing.
I hope you will give this recipe a try and while you're at it check out Shelby's You Tube channel "The Queen's Cabinet", I promise you won't be sorry, it's filled with so many yummy recipes, menu ideas and her charming spirit.
Thank you so much for stopping by today, I hope you'll chime in here and tell me what you love about Fall, I'd love to know.
I appreciate you, have a wonderful day.


  1. oooooooo sounds delish!!! and fall is pretty, we're currently still in NJ waiting for the hurricane to blow over. Love reading your posts - you have a way with words I wish I had. Hopefully those trees will change while we're still here.

    1. Aw thank you Lynn, your words inspire me to keep on blogging even when so few people look at them or comment anymore. It's like a diary of my thoughts I guess, and I'm happy that you enjoy them. I'm glad you're riding out the storm away from it per say, hoping your area stays safe and without damage. Thanks for checking in ... oh and by the way, I love your blog posts as well.