Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Randomness ...

Just a List

Some days you have a lot on your mind.
Some days you have nothing on your mind.
Some days it's easy to remember everything.
Some days you need a list to remember anything.

Here's a list of random thoughts for me.

1.  The world it is changing.
2.  My daughter just turned 29 years old, how did that happen.
3.  People can and will lie when it is advantageous to their cause.
4.  I love the ocean and the calm I feel around it.
5.  Two dogs, one big and one small are a ton of work.
6.  I love those two dogs and would hate if i had to give them up.
7.  My taste buds have changed.
8.  I seem to be enjoying plain food lately.
9.  I am a spiritual person, but not a religious person.
10.  Politics - they are tearing friends and families apart.
11.  Sometimes I wish horrible things on the current President of the United States.
12.  I don't like wine.
13.  I love my husband.
14.  Family, sometimes it's a love/hate relationship.
15.  I believe Heaven is a real place and that many people will never get there.
16.  I love the Lularoe Perfect T shirts.
17.  Some of my best friends live in my computer and we've never met.
18.  Money does not buy happiness.
19.  Pizza yum ... but only thin crust.
20.  It seems no one has time for anyone else anymore.
21.  When did we all become so self centered and self absorbed.
22.  I miss the East Coast.
23.  I enjoy California but hope not to live here forever.
24.  Exercise, I need to do more of it.
25.  I hate Diabetes 
26.  Why can't we find a cure for Alzheimer's Disease.
27.  Peonies are my favorite flower.
28.  I don't care for hard ice-cream but I love soft serve in a cone.
29.  I wish I could travel more.
30.  Do things that make you happy.
31.  Don't worry about what others do to make themselves happy.
32.  Try and pay my debt down.
33.  Help other people when they need it and don't ask questions.
34.  Drink more water.
35. Laugh whenever and wherever you feel like laughing.
36.  Make and eat more salads for meals, we love them.
37.  Remember, you cannot fix every wrong in the world, but just one small good deed can lead to so many others that might fix one thing at a time. 
38.  NO one is Perfect, including me.
39.  Take Naps, they're a good thing.
40.  Have a good cry every once in awhile.
41.  Try to blog more often even if no one reads it.
42.  Hugs and Kisses 

That's it for now ... random stuff.
Ever changing.


  1. Wow! That's a heck of a list. Love that you made a list. I like lists.

    1. Lists seem to be my thing of late ... I can't figure out how to upload my photos to my blog, heck if I can't do it from my phone then it doesn't get done. LOL ... I have enjoyed your vacation photos Lynn, what an amazing trip you had, hope to see you scrap them soon.