Sunday, November 5, 2017

DIABETES (Type 2) And All That Jazz

Well for years I've had type 2 diabetes.
For years I've kept in under control with medication.
It was so well under control they lowered my medications.
Then ...
Anxiety moved in to my life.
Mostly because of some things I could not control.
Well ... I went for blood work last Wednesday and went about my business.
I planned on calling to see my doctor for results and meds.
My phone rang Thursday morning at 8:30 in the morning ...
it wasn't great news.
My blood sugars were over 500 ...
way too high.
They wanted to see me right away.
My choices were immediate switch to Insulin along with pills.
See a Nutritionist ... I'll be calling tomorrow for an appointment.
Off Metformin on to a stronger, new to me medication
a change to my carb heavy diet with the addition of exercise.
Well ... I don't want Insulin unless there is no other choice.
So begins a very difficult phase in my life.
Right now I'm hungry all the time.
I want bread for breakfast, not chicken.
It won't be easy ...
It's quite depressing for me especially in the mornings.
I'll keep trying though ...
because really what other options are there.

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  1. Hey girl! You've got this.. It's tough at first I haven't done bread, pasta, or diet sodas, nor splenda or anything like that for about 7 years now and I really don't miss it. I've been trying to control IBSD (it's like putting a cat in a car LOL). I did have to cut out caffiene (racing heart) and that REALLY helped overall. I do miss that but my awesome DH roasts decaf for me so I do get the taste.