Thursday, January 30, 2014

Super Powers ... and all that jazz!

Do you have any super powers?
Have you ever wished for something that would set you apart?
Do you wish you could fly when traffic is as thick as mud?
Do you wish you could read the thoughts of others when you believe they are talking about you?
Have you ever wished you could withstand high heat or extreme cold?
Perhaps you would have super strength?
Would you wish to be able to connect to the dead?
I think we all have wished for super powers at some point in our lives.
I think if I could have one power, it would be that of the flash.  
I would want to move so quickly that I could travel back and forth to visit family and friends without it taking hours and or days to get there.
My mom always told me not to wish away my time,
because it goes so quickly on its own.
I never understood that though until I was much older.
As a child, we have no worries, the days go by slowly and we long for days to come, perhaps a trip to the beach, or a family vacation.
I guess we all have a bit of a super power in our memories because we get to relive them over and over again.  
We don't go back in time, but sometimes a quick trip back in our memories is good enough.
I have a few little quirks, or should I say super powers that I've always taken for granted.
I have a super smeller, yup that would be by nose.
I smell everything, good and bad.
Strong smells and weak smells ... it there is a smell you can bet I'll mention it even when others don't smell a thing.  Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but it's my thing.
I also have a really good memory for faces.
Don't ask me to remember everyones names, but faces I almost never forget.
Recently I ran in to someone from my childhood, someone I hadn't seen in over 35 years.
We came across one another at a farmers market where she was a vendor.
I knew when I saw her that she was familiar to me in some way.
Sure enough, after a bit of conversation we realized we had gone to church together and that our sisters had been good friends.
It's a small world, but you can bet if you are someone I have met or known in my past, I will remember your face.
It can drive me crazy when I can't figure out who someone is, but I'm not shy, so I'll probably ask.
Now those aren't big things, and they probably aren't really super powers, but since they are the closest I'll ever come to being able to claim that I have powers ... and super at that, I'll take them.
It makes me smile to wonder what everyone else's super powers are!
Speaking of using my super powers, my favorite is when I get to smell the amazing chocolate cake my father in law used to bake.  I've only made the recipe once, but I hope to make it again soon.  It's amazing and SMELLS so so good.
Now don't you wish you could smell this cake too?

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  1. oooo what a great writer you are. Love this. I've always wanted a super power and have yet to figure it out. And that chocolate cake looks de=lish!